Richard Peterson Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Take Readers a New Adventure in the Walls of Farswell

This project is about an adventure for the whole family. A story filled with action, dragons, wizards, and the destiny of a young man who will be king.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- A native of Salt Lake City, UT Richard Peterson spent 7 years in the Air Force and 2 years in the Army. He has a degree in accounting and Bachelors in Business management. He is currently a manager of a multimillion dollar retail store. Richard has written and self published 2 novels with The Black Robe his last book.

This is the story of a kingdom thrown into darkness by the dark lord Jafar, god and master of all that is evil.

The realm now plagued with trolls and goblins, a young prince Trishton, raised under to protection of the elves, has come of age to fulfil a destiny written long ago.

With the help of a grand wizard and three old warriors, Trishton sets out on his journey to seek his father’s sword. The journey is filled with trials, and battles as Jafar's minion hunt the heroes with one goal. Kill the Prince before he can fulfil his destiny.

The book has been accepted by a national traditional publishing company that has all the resources, skills, and experience to make this book a top seller on the market. Once the retainer is received, they will do a final edit to polish grammar and spelling errors. Once done, it is time to print and market. Tate Publishing is experienced and ready to push this book to great sales.

This project will only be funded if at least $4,000 is pledged by Sun, Jun 8 2014 9:58 PM +05:30.

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