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Riding to Better Health with Spinning Class


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- Fitness aficionados are extremely pleased by the resurgence in cycling classes, commonly known in the industry as spinning class. And with good reason; spinning offers a low-impact, high cardio workout that is both fun for participants and burns a ton of calories.

A spinning class consists of an indoor cycling workout done on a stationary bike. It is designed to be an intense interval training session, with many bikes offering riders the ability to tailor the resistance level to their ability. Classes are guided by an instructor, set to music, and generally last 45 minutes though advanced sessions will last an hour.

Cycling has been proven to be an excellent workout for both weight control and toning. A study done the Harvard School of Public Health monitored over 18,000 women over 16 years and determined that those who biked as few as five minutes a day gained less weight than those who didn’t. This is because cycling delivers both a cardio and muscle strengthening workout.

In addition to being an excellent way to tone up and lose weight, cycling is excellent for those prone to injuries from high impact workouts. Running and jogging for extended periods for is hard on joints, while the smooth motion of a stationary bike is easier on the body while providing the same benefits.

Cycling can be intimidating to beginners, especially when viewing those leaving the class covered in sweat and discussing their racing heart rates. But it need not be this way; instructors will guide you through bike setup to ensure comfort and help provide an excellent workout designed to your ability level. No need for special clothing; regular athletic shoes, a water bottle and perhaps an extra towel are all you’ll need to get started. Come early to learn bike set-up and guarantee yourself a spot, and soon you’ll be riding your way to better health and a more toned physique.

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