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Riedon Introduces Resistor Blog for Industry


Alhambra, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- The worst possible event that could possibly occur when working on an important set of documents of a presentation is a power surge. The document is half or a three quarters of the way complete, and suddenly, it is gone. Completely, possibly irrevocably gone. The power surge caused a rupture in device memory. That means, all that research and effort has been wasted and the project must begin back at the very start again. While this cannot be helped at that point, what can be done is a system of prevention. There is a small device designed to protect against and balance electronic devices against power surges.

Resistors are small components used in surge protectors which reduce current flow and voltage levels when either experiences a sudden change in order to maintain a sense of balance and neutrality within an electronic device, a quality most useful when there happens to be a surge of electricity. Riedon's Precision Resistors ( ) are the route to head when looking for a resistor source. Among a huge array of quality resistors are Riedon's Shunt Resistors ( and Surface mount resistors ( ).

On the website, there is a section enabling users to enter into a search engine the type of mounting, resistance, and tolerance percentage required, and Riedon generates the type of Resistor that will accomplish the task at hand. Each Resistor up for purchase includes in its description a visual image, technology type, power and resistance levels. They leave nothing to the imagination. Buyers are educated and get exactly what they need.

These types of resistors are made with only the best product, avoiding materials such as nickel and tin in order to widen their range of possibilities. This means that Riedon Resistors will not experience any short-circuiting due to whiskering product and, because they are not magnetically changed, can be used in the medical field in products such as MRI machines.

Not only does Riedon serve their public by providing kind and efficient service for all jobs and companies big and small, they have also developed a blog so as to keep anyone who visits their website up to date on any changes in the industry, new products, or explanations as to the quality of Riedon Precision Resistors ( ) already in circulation protecting circuit circulation.

Riedon has led the industry of resistors for nearly fifty years. Their product is always cutting edge and changing in order to provide their customers with the best possible solutions to their electronic balancing needs big and small.

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