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Riedon Offers Variety in Resistor Types


Alhambra, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- The Oscars at aren't the only thing creating a buzz as the world heads into spring. Riedon, an international resistor manufacturing corporation, has announced that they are now offering a greater variety of resistor types than ever.

Among Riedon's wide selection of resistors is a line of more than a dozen precision resistors at, guaranteed to meet the varied needs of clients. In addition, they also offer an array of current sense / shunt resistors ( that are widely regarded for their high temperature performance.

Riedon also carries nearly thirty different surface mount resistors at, as well as an assortment of leaded resistors, wirewound resistors, and much more. With over 45 years of experience, Riedon has also developed an expertise in developing cutting edge, custom resistors for the specialized needs of any field.

Riedon offers two services on their site to help customers find exactly what they need from their variety of resistor types. With their Resistor Specifier tool, customers can enter the type of mounting they require, the resistance and tolerance needed, the minimum power, and the TCR. They will then use that information to connect clients with all of the Riedon products that will meet their parameter of needs. Riedon also offers their website visitors with a cross reference guide tool. This comparative tool enables customers to find the equivalent Riedon version of the resistor they are currently using of a different brand. Riedon is confident that customers will be able to find the perfect product to meet any resistor need their business may have.

For more information on the wide variety of resistors available from Riedon, visit their website at or call 626-284-9901.

About Riedon
Riedon, a resistor manufacturing company, was founded in 1960 and has been producing only the highest quality resistive products for over 45 years. This global corporation prides itself in providing its clients with superior customer service, whether they are an international conglomerate or a small business. With locations across the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia, their excellent products and technical support are guaranteed to always be quickly within reach.

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