Riff Action Family Offers Their Unique Blend of Rock and Metal with Their Latest Single


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Riff Action Family, or RAF is a band that is not easily defined, nor one that stays static in their sound. Formed in St. Petersburg in 2009, the band is the product of vocalist Stanislav Gordeev, guitarists Ivan Ponkin and Anton Cookie, and drummer Kirill. Difficult to describe and nearly impossible to define, Riff Action Family represents careful artistic exploration and an embodiment of all things rock.

Where many have failed to create an edge within the genre, RAF provides a fresh sound that is constantly evolving. At the heart of their music is rich array of instrumentals overlapped by intelligent songwriting and a powerful voice. Underneath this rich vocal presentation is a landscape of textured heavy metal instrumentals that create an ambiance far beyond what many modern rock bands are able to accomplish.

Upon first listen, it’s easy to see what drives RAF, and the reason for their consistent success. A product of exploratory musicianship, there is nothing about the RAF sound that suggests anything but pure musicianship and the ability to explore their own unique avenues. Trumped only by the energy of their live performance, RAF represents an outfit eager to fine-tune their unique sound and continue to produce a powerful brand of rock/metal that is anything but prescribed.

Recorded using Pro Tools, their newest single “Doors” offers listeners a glimpse into their vast catalog of new music. An extension of their previous success, “Doors” picks up right where ROCKKILL and From Russia With Love left off. In keeping with their tendencies to not stay in one place for too long, “Doors” is a melodic reckoning that strays from their previous releases without changing the overall feel. Unlike many rock bands with multiple albums, RAF has the ability to maintain its edge while still evolving its sound.

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Riff Action Family Offers Their Unique Blend Of Rock And Metal With Their Latest Single. For more information about Riff Action Family visit