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Rifkin Consulting Discusses How to Choose the Right Job


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Looking for a job is stressful, and when an attorney finds a firm that is willing to hire, there is often such a sense of relief that the lawyer may fail to ask some important questions. During the hiring process, the attorney candidate may believe that the position will involve certain responsibilities or confer certain benefits, only to find out that this is not the case after he or she is hired. Without a clear understanding of the job duties, an attorney may end up resentful and confused. Rifkin Consulting can help candidates find the jobs that fit their personal career goals. Rifkin Consulting is located on the web at

One way to prevent the problem of misunderstandings about job descriptions is to utilize an attorney recruiter to screen job offers. With the help of a professional attorney recruiter, candidates will have better information to make informed decisions about job offers and may avoid the misunderstandings inherent in handling job seeking alone.

Rifkin Consulting is an attorney recruiter in California and is responsible for placing many lawyers in attorney jobs in CA. Involving a legal recruiter in an attorney job search may be a bonus since an attorney recruiter in CA not only has access to the best law jobs in CA but also carefully examines the job offers to ensure that the advertised position conforms to the actual job offer.

An attorney recruiter is a go-between that functions as an intercessor in any job offer situation. The attorney recruiter serves two purposes: to find the best candidates for legal jobs and to find the right jobs for legal candidates. Because of the duality of the attorney recruiter’s job, it is crucial that any recruiter understand what law firms are looking for. Nominally, the attorney recruiter works for the law firm; however, by familiarizing himself or herself with the needs and desires of candidates, the attorney recruiter does a better job for everyone.

Rifkin Consulting specializes in finding the right candidates for the right jobs. With the help of a good attorney recruiter, both law firms and candidates benefit by clarifying the nature of job offers and confirming the specific skills that attorneys bring to the table. This intercession may help prevent situations in which an attorney is offered a job that appears appropriate but turns out to be the wrong fit for the candidate.

About Rifkin Consulting
Rifkin Consulting is California’s premiere attorney recruitment specialist firm with experts who have more than 20 years of experience in the legal industry. Rifkin Consulting helps firms and attorneys connect and form the long-lasting relationships necessary for success. Rifkin Consulting works with both attorneys and law firms to identify, attract and engage the best candidates for top attorney positions in California.

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