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Rifkin Consulting Discusses New Move Toward Practical Skills


Costa Mesa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Mock trial is nothing new for most law school students, but combining arguments of e-discovery motions as well as other practical, real-world techniques in class is a movement that is taking hold in many law schools. Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California, for example is adding so-called "experiential learning" to over half of its required law school classes.

The move toward problem-solving and experience-based learning is not new. For many years, schools as diverse as UCLA and Northeastern have required students to complete a certain amount of work in "real world" scenarios. What has changed is the focus in individual classes on incorporating experiential material into required curriculum.

"In the past, experiential learning was almost optional," says Diane Rifkin, an attorney and founder of Rifkin Consulting, an attorney recruitment firm located on the web at . "Now, experiential activities will be an integral part of the majority of law school classes. Classes are becoming much more hands-on, with the ultimate goal of producing lawyers who are better prepared to handle the realities of practice."

Rifkin has been working with attorneys for many years, placing them in jobs with all types of law firms. She has seen the evolution of experiential learning and has observed how it has affected recent law school graduates.

"Today's graduates will be better prepared to practice law in the 21st century than those who graduated twenty years ago," says Rifkin. "The explosion of technology alone is a good reason to alter law school curriculum to include more real-life training."

Future attorneys may expect to work closely with professors and classmates on group projects and real-life applications such as actual courtroom experiences and use of highly-advanced computer database and e-discovery to perform legal research and analysis. Rifkin and other legal recruiters will be looking for attorneys who have not only "book knowledge" but real-life experience with up-to-date methods to bring to their resumes.

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