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Rifkin Consulting Explains Value Attorney Recruiters Offer


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- There are hundreds of attorney recruiting firmsworking in California and qualified candidates may find that they are contacted by several with offers to help them find employment. This may raise many questions for these candidates, including:

- Is it in an attorney candidate's best interests to use lawyer recruiters?
- How much does an attorney recruitercharge?
- How can I choose the best law firm recruiters to help me find the right position?

Finding the right attorney recruiting firm is very important for attorney candidates who are looking for a job. However, even those who are not actively searching may be contacted by attorney recruiters. Today websites such as LinkedIn allow attorney recruiters to identify candidates who may not be actively seeking a job. In these cases,some candidates may find themselves with several offers for representation.

With so many attorney recruiters seeking good candidates, it is important to find a recruiter who can represent a candidate's best interests. Some make promises they cannot deliver, while others engage in questionable hiring practices. Confidentiality remains of the utmost importance in handling both attorney candidates and information from law firms. Rifkin Consulting has built its reputation on dealing fairly and professionally with both attorney candidates and law firms.

Attorney recruiters do not charge candidates any money for their representation. Rather, law firms compensate attorney recruiters for bringing top quality candidates to their attention, facilitating the placement process from start to finish. Rifkin Consulting provides a number of free services to attorney candidates. Rifkin Consulting can help with resumes, interview tips and other important skills that help attorney candidates land the best jobs.

Finally, choosing the best law firm recruiter is a matter of finding one that meets a legal candidate’s needs. Attorney candidates need a recruiter with established relationships with law firms in California that provide the recruiter access to the best jobs. Rifkin Consulting has spent many years building close relationships with law firms throughout the state of California. Law firms have trusted Rifkin Consulting professionals to find the brightest and best candidates for legal positions for nearly two decades.

About Rifkin Consulting
Rifkin Consulting is recognized as one of thebest legal recruiters in the state of California. Rifkin Consulting acts as a lawyer recruiter for individuals who are looking for a job and performs lateral recruiting for those who want to move internally in a larger firm. Rifkin Consulting also acts as a law firm recruiter for both small and large firms who are looking for talented individuals to fill specific niches.

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