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Rifkin Consulting Introduces Attorney Candidate Training in Business Development


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Premiere attorney recruiters Rifkin Consulting have introduced new business development training to teach attorney candidates how to prospect and bring in new clients to their law firm.

Recognizing that law firms are increasingly dependent upon an associate's ability to bring in new business, Rifkin Consulting has applied their 25 years of expertise in law and legal recruiting to offer a solution. Their new business development training will add to a wide variety of attorney placement services, ensuring top tier candidates bring a wide variety of skills to their new law firm.

Rifkin Consulting has placed hundreds of top tier candidates in law firms across the country. Offering a wide variety of services to attorney candidates, Rifkin Consulting's new business development services may be the most valuable service these candidates may gain yet. By helping attorney candidates to learn how to find and retain business, these attorney candidates are establishing themselves among the most sought after candidates in the industry.

As one of the top attorney recruiters in California , Rifkin Consulting offers a wide variety of services to attorney candidates, including:

- Resume review and editing services. Attorney recruiting experts will read an attorney candidate's resume with a critical eye to identify areas for improvement. Suggestions for improvement will be made with the goal of presenting an attorney candidate's skills in the best possible light. By identifying and removing errors, attorney recruiters are able to help candidates fill critical attorney jobs in CA.

- Attorney candidate matching. Not every attorney candidate is ideal for every position, nor are they interested in the same areas of law. An experienced attorney recruiter can help candidates to identify whether they might be a better fit in a law firm or as house counsel in a corporation. With decades of experience behind them, the legal recruiters at Rifkin Consulting can help match an attorney candidate with the right firm or corporation based on preferences for work culture, areas of interest, and benefits available.

- Interview preparation services. Interviews can be a stressful business, and Rifkin Consulting understands that it's all about preparation. Because attorney interviews are often a drawn out 3 step process, attorney candidates can be unsure of what to expect. Rifkin Consulting offers these attorney candidates the opportunity to practice and remove some of the fear of the unknown.

- Offer and salary negotiation services. When the offer is made, the process has not ended. In fact, this is where a skilled attorney recruiter can make a big difference on behalf of an attorney candidate. While many attorney candidates are eager to find choice jobs for lawyers in California, they often overlook the importance of the offer and salary negotiation process. An experienced legal recruiter knows how to obtain top salaries, choice perks, flexible hours, and many other items that candidates may overlook on their own.

As one of the most comprehensive legal recruiters in California, Rifkin Consulting has the resources and tools to match candidates with the perfect legal position. Rifkin Consulting is not just a firm that specializes as top-notch legal headhunters in California, but a firm that can provide seamless services to law firms and candidates alike, bringing together the best talent in the California legal market and helping firms utilize it to their best advantage.

About Rifkin Consulting
Rifkin Consulting has more than 25 years of legal and recruiting experience, making them the best legal recruiters in the state, identifying lawyer jobs in California, and finding the right candidates to fill them. Combining the networking power of large attorney recruiting firms with the personal service of a boutique legal recruiter in California, Rifkin Consulting offers the best of both worlds to employers and job-seekers. For help locating or filling attorney jobs in Orange County and throughout California, Rifkin Consulting is the attorney search firm to trust.

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