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Rifle Guard Publishes New League Tables for Rifle Accessories for Quick Product Comparison

Rifle Guard specialize in safety equipment and accessories for hunting and shooting both with rifles and bows, and has now created league tables of their reviewed products to show which is best.


Plant City, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- The sniper has a cult reputation among gun enthusiasts- the sniper is a lone wolf with extraordinary skills who has honed their craft sufficient to be surgically precise over huge distances. As such, many shooting enthusiasts, whether they use a rifle or a bow, wish to be able to hone their skills to the level of the sniper, but many don’t realize that a lot of the accuracy relies on the equipment. Rifle Guard is a website that enables shooters to practice safely and effectively by reviewing safety gear and accessories, and has now collated its findings in league tables.

The league tables are separated by category of equipment, leading the site to have tables for best scopes, best hearing protection, glasses, gloves, best compound bows and their accessories. The league tables can then be reviewed according to their key product areas, as well as price and overall rating from the site.

These league tables provide instant at a glance reporting on the best products, but every listing is backed up by a full and comprehensive review explaining the products background and principle uses, its unique selling points, pros and cons, and its place in the market compared to competing products.

A spokesperson for Rifle Guard explained, “We hope to make our site not only comprehensive, but user friendly. To read every review to determine what scope is the best would require reading through thousands of words of carefully researched material, which can be cut down significantly if users merely read the reviews that fit their budget, or the top two or three items in the league table if they’re concerned about quality. In this way individuals can better tailor their experience of our content according to what matters to them.”

About Rifle Guard
Rifle Guard is a site dedicated to providing safety gear, accessories and products that will enable people to practice their shooting whether with rifle or bow, and improve their skills and abilities thanks to having the right equipment. Products are regularly reviewed and are now stacked in league tables by category so individuals can see the best gear on the market. For more information please visit: http://www.rifleguard.com/