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Rift Conquest Information and Latest Updates Are Available at Rift Supremacy


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2012 -- Since it was released in March of last year, the massively multiplayer online game called Rift has rapidly grown in popularity. The fantasy-themed game, which was published by Trion Worlds, takes place in a world called Telara. According to estimates, well over 1 million people have played the game, which involves leveling up heroes and working on specific quests for items.

Trion updates Rift on a regular basis, adding new “patches” to the game. The most recent update is called Rift Conquest or Rift 1.9, since it is the ninth update the publisher has made to the popular game.

An online video and PDF supported strategy guides have been getting a lot of attention lately for its ability to help Rift player’s level faster, collect the best items and farm the most gold.

Just like the game itself, Rift Supremacy is also constantly updated with guides on the latest patches and more. The Rift Guide is currently up-to-date with most recent Rift 1.9 update.

“So you are looking for the fastest leveling guide for both Guardian and Defiant and the best builds for ALL 4 callings?” an article on Rift Supremacy asked, noting that the online guide has been in development since the game launched and gives players the most comprehensive Rift Guide that is currently available on the web.

“You will get everything laid out for you step by step! The fastest leveling path through the game, the best PVP builds whether you want to focus your build on leveling, Invasions or to become a master at PVP it is all here!”

Compared to other Rift guides, Rift Supremacy offers a plethora of features and information. For example, users will get a complete Rift levelling guide for the game, including full HD step by step videos & the Rift builds guides are available in both video and written format.

By using the levelling videos featured on Rift Supremacy, players can speed level through the game quickly. The build videos will help Rift players get the best build for their character, as well as allow them to get a preview of how it will look in the game.

About Rift Supremacy
Rift Supremacy is a complete step by step guide to the game, Rift. An online accessible strategy guide which comes complete with HD quality videos and, in-depth PDF guides for levelling, farming and building the strongest hero in-game. The guide stays current and up-to-date with the latest Patches that are released by Trion Worlds. For more information, please visit http://riftsupremacy.com