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Right of Way Management Services in Florida Provided by Parallel Infrastructure


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- Parallel Infrastructure offers affordable land leasing solutions for these service providers. It deals in real estate and gets the best leasing price for land. It is comprised of right of way (ROW) consultants who excel in negotiating for the lowest possible price. With over 100 years of experience in ROW and telecom industry, they have a list of landlords who offer land on rent or lease to these companies.

Parallel Infrastructure LLC specializes in providing innovative ROW land management solutions and infrastructure for telecommunications development. By developing and delivering infrastructure that benefits its customers in the field of outdoor advertising, energy industries and communications. It maximizes the return on investment for businesses and government real estate owners. Parallel Infrastructure maintains zones around wires, poles and structures to perform maintenance work for the safety of the public.

By offering tremendous expertise, capital and by bringing together the highest level of integrity and professionalism to each agreement, Parallel Infrastructure is committed to client success.

The firm has also solved many issues related to parking in the metropolitan areas of Miami by providing leasing facility for parking. It is responsible for maintaining safe and uninterrupted railroad operations.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries, Parallel Infrastructure ( manages over 1,700 miles of Right-of-Way (ROW) corridor across 22 states and earns income for customers with development of telecommunications and energy infrastructure, real estate management services, and outdoor advertising services.

They have a long list of clients that are satisfied by their top-class, valuable and tailor-made services to suit their existing and future business requirements. For further details, you may contact

About Parallel Infrastructure
Parallel Infrastructure is a firm based in Florida provides right of way services to the companies and assists them in selection of properties which cater with their requirements. Their services assist the clients in minimizing the operational costs and save time that is consumed in searching for leasing solutions.