Parallel Infrastructure

Right-of-Way Management Services in Florida Real Estate

There are more than a million miles of right-of-way transportation corridors in the US. By tapping the value of right-of-way real estate, revenue in billions of dollars can be generated and leveraged for private and public landowners.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- As property owners, many people are still unaware of what right-of-way is all about and how can they make money through it. Right-of-way is the privilege given to someone to pass over land belonging to someone else. It is a passage consisting of a strip of land someone has the legal right to pass. When someone owns a property that falls on the way where the government has decided to build a railway track or a highway, the authorities need to obtain an ROW permission from the land owner.

One needs to identify and capture income opportunities in and along their right-of-way. This can be done by hiring the services of an ROW monetization expert who can help to continually seek new ways to maximize this asset. These companies can effectively operate by being a partner by investing in an underutilized land and corridor to ensure ongoing income streams for their clients. They make it happen in three ways:

a) By providing expertise and capital to complement existing resources
b) By continuously forming best practices that do not interrupt the on-going operations
c) By providing insights to the land owner with a focus on value maximization

A property can be used for various purposes. With effective resources and capital, ROW management companies can build and deploy infrastructure that can capture a wide range of demand. It includes parking and storage facilities, outdoor advertising, on-premise advertising, wireless communications and fiber, energy pipelines and much more!

Revenue-share arrangements are done between the client, the right-of-way owner, and the ROW management company. These arrangements are determined by the services and infrastructure development opportunities that are mutually decided upon.

About Parallel Infrastructure
Parallel Infrastructure is a leading right of way management firm in Jacksonville, Florida which is indulged into real estate to cater with the telecom solutions of the businesses. They generate opportunities for landowners and provide new possibilities for users of diverse infrastructure and assets. They also help maximize the return on investment for businesses and government real estate owners.

Parallel Infrastructure is a leading Right-Of-Way Management firm in Florida that helps telecoms in the acquisition of land on lease. Their ROW agents provide space for billboards and parking for offices. Further information can be obtained on their website