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Right Time to Shop and Save Online in India


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Online Shopping has become a boon for almost all the professionals in India. It of course is obvious enough to say that people these days don’t believe in going out and struggling for a parking space, pay for the carry bags and return home with the disappointment of not getting any kind of discount or a deal that they thought was great. When the online portal Dealstan gives great deals to satisfy its customer, why move out of your house? Isn’t it always better to sit back and have the best of it? But to have the best deal at the best price, it’s important to know where to shop and when to shop.

According to a research,Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are the best days to shop online. It shows that on Tuesdays, a consumer can save up to 4.81 percent and on Thursdays the saving can be made up to 4.80 percent. If you think Sunday is the perfect day to shop online, then you’re wrong. Only 3.37 percent saving can be made on Sundays which is way less than the other days of the week. Sunday being a free day for the professionals, it has maximum web traffic from all over and therefore many portals have comparatively lesser deals and discounts.

If you speak about months, then the study shows that pre-Christmas is the best time to shop, i.e. November is the best time for the buyers to shop online as the web world has a lot of bargains then.The analysis by months is even more surprising. Most people think that end of every season would give them greater deals. Whereas, November is the best time to shop online as one can save up to 5.99 percent on an average. March is the worst period to shop online as one can save up to only 2.76 percent.

Shopping online is no big deal today, provided you are aware of the 3 W’s and 1 H i.e what to buy, when to buy, where to buy and how to buy? Most of the people enjoy shopping post lunch as it is the best time to sit back and think on the deals, discounts and the products. Monday is proved to be the best day to buy computers, TV, electronics, cameras etc. That’s because many manufacturers give discounts and rebates on that day. For airline tickets, Tuesday is the best day.

New online shopping portals like Snapdeal and Dealstan often give you best deals all the time. So, one should never hesitate to shop at a new site anytime. Never shop during the peak time’s i.e. Saturdays, Sundays or evening time as the traffic for online shopping during these times is high. The prices also fluctuate according to the right time as even the manufacturers are smart enough to sell their products to the consumers with a profit margin for themselves too.

With the growing work pressure, it is always good to have the benefits of the new technology when it offers. For IT professionals, media professionals and many more, it is always a better option to shop online as for every profession Time is Money! Especially with the kind of service that online shopping gives (cash-on-delivery, online payment, free delivery), it’s always good to have the product delivered at your door-step without much of an effort. With online shopping, you can save time as well as money, provided you shop at the right time. So just don’t shop like an ordinary person. Shop wisely and live well!

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