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Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2012 -- Ribbun Software, a new generation internet marketing company based in India today surprised hundreds of small and medium scale business owners by announcing the availability of guaranteed SEO services. Normally, startups and other not-so-popular companies take this route to win customers. It is important for them to offer such services to prove their capability.

Ribbun Software is a well-known name in the world of online promotions and the company has a vast customer base in the India as well as Europe and America. Many bloggers and top executives in the Indian subcontinent expressed their surprise over this move of Ribbun Software Pvt. Ltd. While some bloggers thought Ribbun Software is planning an aggressive expansion, others doubted if this move could hurt their credibility as a world-class service provider in the internet marketing segment.

Mr. Mohit, the official spokesperson of Ribbun Software, when contacted on phone said, ‘Not many business owners in India really understand how SEO can catapult their sales within weeks. They’re very reluctant in spending money on online promotions because they do not know how it can benefit them. We’ve worked hard to educate small business owners in the region about SEO and SMM. Next, we are offering guaranteed SEO services to allay their fears. They can try our search engine optimization services and find out how it can really benefit them. It’s simple.’

It is true that a large number of business owners in the Indian subcontinent do not really understand the power of well-planned internet marketing campaigns. They are very doubtful of how online promotions campaigns can improve their sales as quickly as promised by an internet marketing company. The situation in the developing countries all over the world is almost the same.

The new ‘pay on results’ offering in terms of guaranteed SEO services from Ribbun Software Pvt. Ltd. will almost certainly have a positive impact on hundreds of business owners in the region. Getting high quality internet marketing services from a world-class company like Ribbun Software is an offer that only businesses adamant on refusing to grow online can reject. It remains to be seen how Ribbun Software plans to deliver because hundreds of clients are likely to approach it to avail guaranteed search engine optimization services.

About Ribbun Software
A leading internet marketing firm, Ribbun Software is known for its unconventional and research based SEO services. It is due to years of research & development and industry expertise acquired through trial and error that Ribbun is now confident of offering guaranteed SEO services.