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Riley Plumbing & Heating Offers Tips on Winterizing Plumbing Systems


Kensington, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2019 -- For over three decades, Riley Plumbing & Heating has provided their customers with reliable heating and plumbing solutions throughout the Kensington, CT area. The company is now offering tips to homeowners for winterizing their plumbing systems and preventing frozen and pipes this cold season.

With some simple preventative care, homeowners can easily ensure their plumbing is ready for the rigors of winter and safeguarded from the freezing conditions that can lead to burst pipes, flood damage, and more. One of the first steps is understanding which pipes are most susceptible to this type of damage, and treating them accordingly.

For instance, pipes located inside cabinets should be exposed to the warm ambient air inside a home by opening the cabinet doors on particularly cold days. This can prevent freezing conditions inside the pipes. Another way to avoid having pipes burst is by wrapping them in fiberglass sleeves or foam rubber. This insulates the pipes and helps them maintain a moderate temperature.

If any pipes located near any cracks or holes, they should be caulked to keep the warm air in, and the colder air outside. It's essential to seal both the interior and exterior of any holes or cracks. Additionally, pipes can be allowed to drip slightly in extreme temperature to prevent pressure build-up, and the bursting that can result from it.

Snowbirds who fly south for the winter are advised to take a few extra precautions to winterize their homes. This includes turning the heat down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and considering turning off their water supply for added peace of mind during their vacation.

Riley Plumbing & Heating isn't just the premier plumbing service company in Kensington, CT. They are also dedicated to providing their customers with the information they need to keep their homes and families safe and comfortable all year long.

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