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Rings of Misfortune: Compelling New Book Depicts WWII Marine Hero's Confrontation with Homosexuality


Martin, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- While homosexuals are now allowed to serve openly in the United States military, previous policy entirely prohibited their participation. With the civilian world also shunning the open acceptance of homosexuality, those who were gay were forced to keep quiet and continue life with a straight social mask. In a compelling new book by Lloyd Duncan, the story of one WWII Marine hero proves that life’s biggest battles were often fought from within.

‘Rings of Misfortune’ pays homage to the hundreds of thousands of gay people that have served in the military and many who have given their lives for their country.


Over 16,000,000 men served in the armed forces in WWII. Perhaps as many as 3%, or 480,000, had a homosexual orientation. Admittedly, several thousand were screened out before being inducted, and some later received Undesirable Discharges. Tens of thousands of these men saw combat action, and undoubtedly hundreds were killed, and thousands were wounded.

Jack Scott, by far the most outstanding seventeen-year-old in a small town in Arkansas, is forced to confront this problem both at home and in the military. This story is his, and to a degree, the stories of his family, his friends, and his comrades in combat. The problem is handled sympathetically, if realistically.

As the author explains, his book opens a dialogue on a vitally important topic.

“The story of homosexuals in combat has not been reported. Critics of the book admit that. What it means to really be a homosexual has been glossed over in books and movies,” says Duncan, a retired Physician.

Continuing, “Thousands of individuals were never allowed to share their story; they died before society finally accepted them. My book is a microcosm of all of those whose voices were never heard.”

Containing a gripping plot and subdued sex scenes, the book is entertaining, informing and inspiring an eclectic group of readers. With its popularity rapidly increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Rings of Misfortune: Everything is Not Enough’ is available now: http://amzn.to/10Cgs5Z

About Lloyd Duncan
Please add a short biography, here. Lloyd Duncan is a graduate of Yale University, swam on one of its greatest teams, graduated from medical, served as a flight surgeon in the Us Navy, and has practiced the specialty of general surgery after having completed a residency. In college he majored in social sciences, and had some experience dealing with accused homosexuals on active duty. He lives with his wife and enjoys the company of his daughter,, her husband and grandchildren .