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Rip Curl Commissions Review Site Releases Unprecedented Bonus for Winter Valko and Corey Lewis' New System

Rip Curl Commissions Review and Custom Designed bonus is now available for the new Internet marketing program created by Winter Valko and Corey Lewis at


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- Winter Valko and Corey Lewis released Rip Curl Commissions on May 21, 2012 and it is already receiving a flood of positve reviews from customers and critics alike. This new Affiliate marketing system and software was designed to ease the work load of affiliate marketers by automating tedious tasks required to make money in the Internet/Affiliate marketing arena.

To check out the Rip Curl Commissions program now visit the official site here.

Here’s a quick overview of the Rip Curl Commissions system: This program automates all the affiliate’s time consuming tasks, such as; finding affiliate campaigns that convert, driving traffic, and tracking your marketing efforts. It’s designed to be a complete affiliate system to get the user started on their way to profit as quickly as possible. Corey Lewis and Winter Valko, the creators of the system, are both considered experts in the affiliate marketing world. Automation is the key to success in this highly competitive business.

The popularity of this new program has sent affiliate marketers into a frenzy trying to get in on the action, offering all types of bonuses for ordering through their sites. But one site, in an attempt to separate itself from the pack, has actually retained the services of Search Engine Algorithm Developer to create an Exclusive Bonus Package for them. The Rip Curl Commissions Review announced today that rather than offering a bonus of the customary PLR (public license rights) articles or old repackaged programs, it had a Custom Bonus Package created by the aforementioned expert specifically designed to complement the Rip Curl Commissions system. The algorithm specialist, known only as Mitchell Clayton (a pseudonym) is reportedly employed by a major U.S. search engine. This is a groundbreaking move in the affiliate marketing world.

The Administrator at stated: “This bonus package is a completely in-house collaboration and is only available through our site. Not even the creators of the Rip Curl Commissions program have access to it.”

An administrator at, who received a review of the bonus stated: "Rip Curl Commissions is awesome, but the bonus package alone is well worth the purchase price. Getting them together is an amazing deal…”

To read a complete review on Rip Curl Commissions go here: Further details on the Exclusive Rip Curl Commissions Bonus can be found on the same site. To access that, you can visit: Rip Curl Commissions Exclusive Bonus.