R.I.S.E for Youth Brings Yoga and Wellness Programs to Public Schools


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Obesity in youth is at a crises proportion in the United States and schools, while required to teach children certain directives, yet cost cutting measures make sports and health programs some of the first to get cut. One group in San Francisco, California has set about to make a big difference in wellness programs for school children. After successfully launching an Indiegogo campaign that allowed them to work with children in five of the Bay Area's public schools in 2013, R.I.S.E for Youth has launched another Indiegogo campaign this year to expand their Yoga and wellness program reach to 800 students.

The campaign seeks angel investor funding that will provide cover funds for the expenses of running their program, including paying certified yoga teachers to provide instruction, necessary supplies, program and curriculum development, and program evaluation.

R.I.S.E. classes incorporate a series of life skills workshops on topics that include things like nutrition, non-violent conflict resolution, self-compassion, anger management, stress management and healthy relationships. In a world environment where youth are under more pressure and stress than ever, teaching them these coping and skills mechanisms is not superfluous, but a necessary essential.

Students who have taken the program report they are able to sleep better and feel more rested, that they are able to focus better and concentrate more in class and that they have the ability to better deal with stress when they are forced into stressful situations.

About R.I.S.E
R.I.S.E. operates as a project under the fiscal sponsorship of SEE (Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs) while they are undergoing non-profit status so investors in this campaign will receive a receipt that may be used for tax deduction purposes. Rewards for investors include items such as Yoga mats, private Yoga sessions and T-shirts and CDs.

For more information, visit R.I.S.E for YOUTH 2014

Erin Lila Wilson