Risen Offers Awesome Wholemeal Flour Packed with Fibre, Minerals and B Vitamins


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2022 -- Risen, a leading provider of bread flour, offers Awesome Wholemeal flour packed with fibre, minerals, and B vitamins. Finely milled from 100% wheat, the stoneground organic flour is the perfect choice for wholemeal pastries, biscuits, scones, and sauces. The flour retains all the nutrients and wholesome flavour of wholegrain wheat. The flour creates a strong elastic dough with good extensibility, which can take high hydration and is easy to handle. The grain they use is well-suited to organic farming and has been prized for bread making.

Due to its superior protein content, the strong and pliable dough is ideal for loaves, rolls, pizza, and puff pastry. The product produces beautiful wholemeal crusty bread with a unique rustic stoneground flavour. The grains they use have been meticulously researched and chosen for their suitability for the Scottish growing conditions and climate, their biodiversity, their considerably higher levels of vitamins and minerals than conventional grains, and their exceptional flavour. Individuals looking to buy freshly milled wholemeal wheat flour can visit Risen's website for more information.

A representative from the company stated, "Risen's finest wholemeal flour is healthy, tasty and nutritious. Characterised by its typical brown colour, this robust flour is packed with fibre, minerals and B vitamins. Milled from 100% wheat, it packs in all the goodness of the grain and gives a real wheat flavour. Wholemeal bread has a denser texture with less rise so if you want to achieve a lighter loaf, try adding some white flour with your wholemeal for a bit of extra gluten to give the dough a better structure."

Risen is one of the most prestigious flour brands in the UK, offering a comprehensive range of tried-and-true flour and specially milled ingredients. Their millers and technical experts are highly skilled and committed to offering the highest-grade flour to businesses. The milling process is followed by a rigorous process of cleaning and mechanised packing whilst following the defined food standards.

About Risen
Risen Flour is made with 100% quality grain, harvested from the best grain regions of Austria and milled in a 100% C02 neutral mill. It retains the character of wheat and its natural nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which are ideal for preparing fresh dough. Risen flour is high in gluten, richer in fibre and offers more digestibility than other types of flour. It packs in all the goodness of the grain and gives an authentic wheat flavour.

For more information, please visit: https://weare-risen.com/

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