Rising Christian Fiction Novel "The Glimpse" - Is It the Next Left Behind?


Chesterbrook, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- With all the interest surrounding end times prophecy, there’s no shortage of books covering the subject. Sometimes, one stands out with a message that grabs extra attention. The Glimpse by Grant Carroll is a new Christian fiction book on the market that’s being called the next Left Behind and receiving rave reviews. At the date of this publication, it is ranked number three among the top rated religious fiction books on Amazon.

So what makes this novel different from other works in its genre? For starters, it’s based entirely on a dream that the author’s wife had several years ago. That alone doesn’t shock too many, until they read it. Several reviewers have noted that the storyline veers uncomfortably close to events currently happening in American and world governments.

Another interesting fact is that The Glimpse is independently published by the author and his wife under the umbrella of Child Refuge, a non-profit they operate. This is not the first Christian indie book to garnish attention by any stretch. The Shack was independently published in 2006 and experienced huge success, but its story is rare. In the competitive world of book publishing, it can be difficult for an independently published Christian fiction novel to get noticed, and many never do.

Not surprisingly, the strongest critiques the book has received are from non-Christians, which has caused supporters to rally in social media responses. Many within Christian circles are excited and even passionate about this particular story, especially Christian youth, which bodes well for the novel’s future. It’s still too early to tell, however, if it will indeed become the next Left Behind, referring to the smash hit novel and series from Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Aside from the millions of books sold, the series has led to the creation of three films and PC games, with another film reportedly in the works. The Glimpse hasn’t even come close yet to the New York Times bestseller list, but with so many reviewers saying it’s a must read for every Christian, only time will tell.

About Child Refuge
Child Refuge is a ministry dedicated to empowering and protecting youth within churches across the United States.

"The Glimpse", by Grant Carroll is a story meant to open the eyes of believers to dangers lurking around us. The fate of the Christian church is in the heart of its youth, but many are not empowered to carry the faith to their generation. It can be purchased on here

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