Rising Demand for Smart Coatings in Urban Areas

Rising awareness regarding multiple benefits of smart coatings is raising the demand of product in Indian markets, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- The strict government regulations regarding paints and coatings, such as reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paints, has been one of the most important trends in the coatings industry in recent years. In the consumer market, one of the trends is the increasing demand for smart coatings that provide sustainable solutions, such as energy-efficiency, UV protection, heat resistance, water resistance, anti bacterial and anti-fungal effects among others. According to our recent report, “India Paint Industry Outlook 2018”, the smart coatings demand is rising in the urban areas of the country as awareness regarding the rising environmental issues is gaining grounds.

Indian paint industry has large potential for energy-saving coatings in the construction sector, such as paints which help insulate buildings, namely those which contribute to reductions in heat loss through walls, roofs and windows. In lieu of raising demand and application of the product, players are launching smart paints like Asian Paints Smart care Damp Proof is a water proofing membrane, formulated with elastomeric and acrylic polymers. It is primarily applied upon Building roofs/terraces, parapet, sunshades and exterior vertical walls for water proofing, crack bridging, sheen and heat repellence to the walls. Also, Berger Weather Coat Heat Insulating Paint contains heat reflective additives. These additives help reflect thermal rays resulting in energy saving. In addition, the paint acts like an insulator for the wall, providing long lasting protection against UV degradation and atmospheric pollution. Hence, rising awareness among urban consumers and innovative launches by the paint manufacturers can further raise the Indian paint market in the coming years.

The report “India Paint Industry Outlook 2018”, covers the current and future market forecast for the Indian paint industry in India. The report provides future forecasts for the decorative and the industrial paint market along with their segments till 2017-18. Further, forecasts till 2017-18 for decorative paints market by application areas, region, tier cities, and product class which includes premium paints, mid-tier paints and economy paints have also been provided. Additionally, emulsion, enamel and distemper paint market forecast till 2017-18 by region, tier cities, and volume are also covered.

Besides, market forecast for sub-segments of decorative paints have also been provided. The report also sheds light on the current & future scenario of the raw materials used in paints like pigments, solvents, additives and binders. In addition, the report covers a section on the trends prevailing in the industry and roadblocks to the industry. Further, a competitive landscape covering business overview, product portfolio, major brands, key financials, and recent activities of major players in the paint industry have also been covered.

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