Rising Fertilizer Costs - Farmers Advised to Use Fertiliser Storage Tanks

As fertilizer costs continue to rise, farmers can make cost savings through bulk storage using a number of fertiliser storage tank options.


Peterborough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- From 2006 to 2013, fertiliser costs continued to rise, increasing substantially across most crop types. Although a slight decrease is indicated for 2014, fertilizer remains a valuable and costly resource requiring specific storage conditions in order to avoid wastage and spillage.

Peterborough-based water tank, storage tank and industrial tank manufacturer, Enduramaxx, is only too aware of farmers’ concerns surrounding the increase in this valuable commodity and produce a range of Liquid Fertiliser Tanks specifically designed to store liquid fertilizer at optimum conditions and in built to avoid waste and to capitalise on bulk buying savings.

The Enduramaxx range of Liquid Fertilizer Tanks is manufactured from a singe piece of UV stabilised polyethylene, meaning the tanks are strong, do not rust or corrode and protect the contents from pollutants, including daylight. Made for fertilizers with a specific gravity up to 1.4, and available in sizes ranging from 5000 litres to a newly introduced 30000 litres, farmers are able to bulk order with the additional savings of mixing time, as fertiliser does not settle out and need constant agitation.

Enduramaxx also manufactures a wider range of rainwater harvesting tanks, horizontal tanks, industrial tanks and storage tanks, all of which can be viewed at www.enduramaxx.co.uk.

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