Rising Packaging Amounts – Up to 200kg Per Person a Year – Leads to Calls for Change


Nelson, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- A recent broadsheet newspaper report has drawn attention to a statistic which is set to have big implications for packaging and businesses that use it in 2016. According to the report, one person in a year is now capable of accumulating up to 200kg of packaging materials through the products they buy. This is a figure which suggests that the weight and scale of packaging is significant, and a number of consumers are buying into it. There are subsequent and increasing calls for this to be reduced however, as this current level of packaging may add up to 13 million tonnes being wasted; entering the UK's waste stream or landfill.

A key reason why levels of packaging have reached such heights, it is anticipated, is because companies often opt for profound and even bulky packaging, which makes products stand out. This may be a form of marketing, but it also makes the issue of growing packaging and waste more evident. In turn, a number of businesses are set to be under pressure in 2016 to streamline and reduce the weight and scale of their packaging.

Measures to reduce packaging and instead increase efficiency are already being undertaken by some of the best businesses. This includes switching from boxes to bags and rather than extensive plastic containers, opting for a durable and tightly-sealed plastic option such as shrink wrap. Keen to comment on this was Adpak, an expert in the field:

"Recent packaging statistics may put businesses under pressure to increase the efficiency of their packaging this year, in order to reduce waste and weights. Shrink wrap could be considered an important method within this, as provides a tight plastic coating and air-tight seal; therefore avoiding bulk, remaining lightweight and versatile, so can suit a number of items. We are offering a wide range of new and used machines accordingly."

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