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Rising Popularity of Numerology and Its Online Tools


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Numerology is a science that focuses on the study of the symbolism carried by numerals. The symbolism referred to here, is one that carries deep meanings and results in the determination of important characteristics of one’s personality. Personal traits such as talents, potential obstacles, strengths and weaknesses, fall under the scope of this ancient science. The detailed outlook on an individual’s personality, that numerology provides, makes it a fantastic penetrative tool, which allows the individual to tackle the issues with effective measures. The concept of numerology dates back to ancient times, where yogic preachers laid down the foundation. Numerology draws a b link with astrology, and has logic behind its derivations and predictions. Although the science has been followed by a lot of individuals, it has never been a seriously popular one, with the average person doubting its relevance and accuracy.

The underrated science, is now gaining steady popularity, with people now understanding the difference between traditional astrological gimmicks and the logic based approach that numerology adopts. A numerological calculator is a tool that calculates the traits of an individual’s personality, by the letters of the person’s name or by the numbers in the date of birth. The tool has gained serious popularity, with its simple interface and accurate results. It works on sound logic, and has a computational method which is very complex. offers a fantastic variant of the aforementioned tool, which provides a great level of customization.

The value of the science, had constantly been underestimated, and thus, conveying the effectiveness of such tools has been a tough task. The shift from conventional operating centers, to online operations, has proved extremely beneficial, as the tools devised, produce accurate results very quickly, and prevent the wastage of the user’s time. Also the expertise available on the net makes the interpretation of the results, very convenient. This has led to more users utilizing them, and this has made them realize the utility and benefits, the ancient science still holds.

It is a comprehensive website that deals with numerology, and offers a variety of tools, that help in knowing more about one’s self. The website justifies its tagline ‘Discover the world of Numbers’ as its hosts, tons of credible and valuable information, which allows the user to have an in-depth understanding about how the science functions.

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