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Rising Prices of Tuition Fees in the UK Leads Women to Seek Help from Sugar Daddies


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- is one of the UK’s leading online classifieds websites that offers many services including dating, adult dating, sugar daddy dating, and more. Of late, the website has been gaining great popularity for dating ads and assisting young people to find a sugar daddy.

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The website recently ran a voting poll for sugar babes to vote on the reason why they have chosen to be a sugar babe. Out of 220 votes, 29% of sugar babes said they were seeking a sugar daddy because they needed help with student fees, 27% because they were broke, 24% because they enjoy being spoilt, 11% because they like expensive stuff, and 8% because they liked older men.

From looking at the results, it is clear that reduced wages and bad economic conditions have urged many young ladies to look for sugar daddies and the increasing number of sugar babes looking for sugar daddies justifies the truth behind this trend. With several thousand users placing dating ads in the United Kingdom, a majority of the sugar baby members on this site are University students who are seeking wealthy partners to look after them.

The owner of stated, “Many students from around the United Kingdom have joined, with the hope of getting a wealthy sugar daddy to help them out while at University. Life can be very difficult living in London as a student. Even working people are having trouble paying their bills in London.” works hard to promote a culture of honesty and generosity for sugar daddies and charges an admission fee for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mummies, but Sugar Babes and Sugar Boys can post for free. The website maintains high security levels, thus ensuring the safety of its users. When asked about the reason behind the surge in the number of students dating sugar daddies, the website owner stated - “I would cite the latest economic recession to be the reason for this increase. The website has gone through a fiery growth this year because of which we devoted most of our resources and time implementing extensive research on our sugar daddy dating members to understand the trend.”

When asked about the reason for the growth of sugar daddy dating websites, the owner of who is a computer programmer further stated - “A lot of jobs that were previously done by hand are now being done by machines and computers. For example a lot of till jobs in shops are being replaced with self service checkouts. Banks also have these checkout systems where you can place money and your bank card in a machine, and the machine will count your money and put the money into your account. We also have Internet banking these days. Factory jobs are going too, due to robots and computers replacing humans. Things will only get worse as more jobs become computerized and people lose their jobs. Students are taking out loans so they can study and get skilled jobs, and they end up getting into debt. When they finish their degree, some of them can't find jobs and they have a large debt to repay which can lead to stress and sometimes a mental break down.”

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