Rising Prosperity Propelling China Footwear Industry

Domestic footwear sales in China is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 7.5% during 2013-2017, says RNCOS in its latest research report.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- China Footwear Industry is growing tremendously on the back of increasing income level and rising standard of living. Demand for expensive international brand is continuously growing in the country. Moreover, Increasing domestic sales, exports growth, and e-commerce are the factors enhancing footwear producing companies’ future prospects. Considering the above favorable factors, the domestic sales of china footwear industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 7.5% during 2013-2017.

According to our latest research study, “China Footwear Outlook to 2017”, China Footwear Industry is growing stupendously, offering immense opportunities for players involved in the business. Although, country’s footwear industry is striving with high manufacturing cost and currency appreciation, the market is expected to sustain high growth momentum in coming years with increasing domestic demand and shift from developed to emerging nations. Besides, Chinese manufacturer’s brand building strategies and planning products and designs as per the growing fashion consciousness will also boost the growth in the industry.

The report, “China Footwear Outlook to 2017”, presents a critical analysis and an unbiased view into the state of the country’s footwear industry. The report covers analysis of country’s footwear production by type (Leather shoes, rubber shoes and others), footwear sales by end users (Women’s, men’s and Children’s footwear sales) and by category (Casual, mass market, sports and luxury footwear). Further, trade analysis section includes country’s footwear import and export by country and by type (Leather shoes, rubber & plastic shoes and others). In addition to that, the report also covers study of online footwear market in the country which is, as per our research, growing tremendously over the past few years.

In addition to that, the research includes an in-depth analysis of major footwear manufacturing hubs of the country. Also, it features industry restraints which are affecting the growth of country’s footwear industry coupled with regulatory environment covering detail of norms & regulations relevant to the industry. Further, the study delves into the detailed description of the major players in industry covering description of their businesses and key financials. Overall, the report will facilitate clients in analyzing the driving forces and understand the existing opportunities in the industry.

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