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Rising R&B Recording Artist and Background Singer Javon Sues Beyoncé, New Case Developments Emerge


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Emerging R&B artist has recently been in the news for going after a major for stealing one of his songs. Singer Ahmad Javon Lane recently sued mega star and singer Beyoncé for her song XO, claiming that her song is a rip-off of his song XOXO which he had released in June 2013 prior to Beyoncé's release of her hit track "XO". Ahmad Javon has claimed $7 million in damages, the case is currently in pending and missing a defendant, Terius Nash" better known as The Dream.

This isn't the first time Beyoncé has found herself in hot water due to an infringement claim, the song in question in the current case "XO" has been officially written by Terius "The Dream" Nash, Ryan Tedder and Beyoncé. Javon being a fan of Terius "The Dream" Nash is well acquainted with the unique style of the artist's work and was able to recognize his own work being ripped off in the new track which The Dream has co-produced and co-written for Beyoncé.

Javon elucidates: "Well I grew up listening to The Dream, ever since his first album. I had never heard a male singer-songwriter make melodies so strong and melodic. He became like an inspiration to me, so of course you know I'd never miss a beat, every lyric, every melody. So when I heard XO, something immediately caught my intention. Then I just had to take a little time to decide how to handle it from there."

Javon and his legal advisers believe that Terius "The Dream" Nash is one of the major defendants in this case and are therefore accountable for stealing the song. However, The Dream has been unable to serve due to no public business address. Also, no comment has been made by him about the case. On the other hand Beyoncé's lawyers believe that Javon's claims are unfounded and vague.

According to Javon, Beyoncé might have gotten his song through a fellow background singer who worked together for Beyoncé and other singers. Javon had shared the song with his colleague, which he believes was later passed on to Beyoncé. The $7 million compensation Jovon is asking for are from the earning made by the copied content which he believes is his due right.

About Ahmad Javon Lane
Ahmad Javon Lane is an R&B recording artist and background singer. He is currently working on his new original track "It Was Your Love", which is expected to be released soon.

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Case Information:
Lane vs Carter
Case number 14CV6798
United states Southern District court Of New York

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