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Nato Fails to Adopt New Technologies to Halt Insider Attacks


El Paso, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- As the assassination of US and NATO members continues by Afghan security forces, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen's promise that the alliance will "do everything it takes to stop insider attacks" appears empty. According to Commander Ivan Ortega of The RRA Center, NATO has shown no interest in technical solutions designed to detect and identify insider threats. "This is because NATO and the US military rely upon antiquated technologies, developed over 50 years ago, which their insulated scientists and technical specialist continue to support. Unfortunately, NATO is attempting to use 'insider solutions' to solve problems their experts never anticipated. They are simply not prepared to counter this threat." Ortega emphasized "The insider threat crisis NATO and the US are experiencing in Afghanistan is not going away. In fact, many knowledgeable experts agree this will be the norm for future military operations in the Middle East and Africa. To deny this reality is a colossal mistake in my opinion."

Commander Ortega explained "When Fogh Rasmussen stated 'We'll do everything it takes to prevent such attacks' his statement simply was not accurate. Perhaps he believes what he is saying, but he is obviously ignorant of the fact that technologies exist today which are capable of greatly mitigating the insider threat problem. And, NATO is not using these technologies to protect its soldiers in Afghanistan. I can make this statement with absolute confidence because NATO has shown no interest in acquiring technical solutions designed specifically to counter such threats. This includes both voice and video-imaging solutions that are capable of remotely and accurately detecting insider threats. In fact, our new video-imaging technology can automatically detect and identify Afghan soldiers or police who present possible threats to NATO members. This technology is extremely effective, is fully operational, and is field proven."

According to Commander Ortega, the proper vetting of well-armed foreign military and police members is a basic security measure that, until recently, has been given little serious consideration by either the US or NATO. "NATO simply does not have the technical expertise to conduct large-scale and effective vetting operations. Instead, NATO depended upon an overly simplistic vetting process which relied upon input from non-vetted Afghanis, with unknown loyalties, who had full authority to scrutinize their own nationals. Despite recent news reports claiming this process is being improved, neither the US military nor NATO have the technology required to counter this threat. Only several weeks ago senior US and NATO military leaders were stating in unison the 'insider threat' crisis in Afghanistan was not a major issue. At least now they appear to understand it is a major issue, and a symptom of a much larger problem over which they have little to no control."

Commander Ortega explained "The technologies offered by The RRA Center are true Force Multipliers since they can reduce the manpower requirements for vetting missions, as well as identify risks and threats posed by individuals of unknown credibility. And, our new RRA video-imaging technology is capable of automatically detecting and identifying specific individuals who present potential threats without their knowledge, either individually or from a crowd. I am aware of no other technology with this capability."

For further details aboutThe RRA Center and its threat detection technologies, Commander Ivan Ortega can be contacted directly at 915-443-7722 or by email at ivanortega@rrasolutions.com.