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Risk Management Software SimpRisk Makes Implementing Risk Management Easy for Enterprises


Slovenia, European Union -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Successful organisations know that for better or worse, risk is an everyday part of doing business. Enterprises that adopt a proactive approach to identifying, taking and managing risk are often those that meet and even exceed their business objectives. Those that don’t, more often find themselves struggling or outright failing. SimpRisk is newly-released risk management software that organisations can use to easily manage the entire risk management process.

Risk management doesn’t have to be a daunting project. Unlike other enterprise risk management offerings, with SimpRisk, establishing a complete risk management process is almost effortless. Its simple web-based format intuitively leads users through the process of identifying, assessing, managing and reporting on business and process level risks. SimpRisk ultimately helps organisations by giving them an overview of potential risks; providing a basis for making decisions on how to manage them; and enabling the appropriate follow up to ensure a successful outcome.

The risk management process is logical and organised with SimpRisk. Beginning with identification and analysis, SimpRisk helps companies flag risks before they negatively affect the business. SimpRisk’s reporting function graphically displays identified risk in a matrix and risk registry, making it easy to report back to senior management, business units, individual employees and outside audiences. SimpRisk generates data to help decision makers determine the best course of action for handling risk in the risk treatment phase. And, its monitoring functions help management track the execution of risk responses, evaluate their effectiveness and determine whether any actions taken led to a favorable result.

“Risk management must be among the top priorities for any organisation that wants not only to survive but to thrive and progress,” said a spokesperson from PVA digital systems, the company that markets SimpRisk. “Organisations that don’t see how risk affects their business and don’t integrate risk management into their working methods ultimately expose themselves to increased risk of failure.”

About PVA digital systems, Ltd.
PVA digital systems created SimpRisk risk management software based on several years of hands-on industry experience. This easy-to-use platform lets organisations undertake risk management and administer the entire process through a simple online application. It helps ensure organisational success, intuitively leading users through the process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating risks, and planning and implementing the best course of action to mitigate it. For more information visit: www.simprisk.com

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