Rivalhost Becomes Next Web Host to Accept Bitcoin


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- Rivalhost, a leading provider of DDoS mitigation services and managed hosting, announced today that they will begin accepting Bitcoin for hosting services and domain registrations.

Deciding to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment was a natural move for Rivalhost, which prides itself on being ahead of the curve. “We’ve always aimed to be progressive. Our customers wanted Bitcoin as an option, so we offered it,” said Rivalhost CEO and founder Todd Reagor.

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that relies on a distributed network and a public ledger system to facilitate peer to peer transactions. It acts as cash in the sense that transactions are not tied to a person’s identity and payments are non-reversible.

This new method of payment has only been around five years. While still a young currency it has made long strides in legitimacy over the course of its existence. It’s beginnings are a bit mysterious. A pseudonymous hacker using the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the currency to the world through a white paper that surfaced in 2008. Although the real identity of its creator remains elusive to this day, Bitcoin has caught on and a huge market has sprang forward.

“People want privacy. It’s that simple.” With over a decade in the industry, Reagor has a solid understanding of the market. “It’s also not just about privacy. We have customers in nearly every place on the globe. There are a list of countries where PayPal isn’t even available. Banking is difficult. Bitcoin has no borders. We want to offer payment solutions that work for everyone,” says Reagor.

Rivalhost has already begun accepting Bitcoin and uses Bitpay as a payment processor for the currency. Since deciding to accept Bitcoin they have received a good deal of positive feedback from the tech community and are excited to be a part of what some are calling the “new, digital frontier of money”.

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