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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2016 -- Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. and their team of slip and fall lawyers, have served Philadelphia for nearly 40 years. In that time, they have mastered local law, gained unparalleled experience and a lineup of attorneys who stand in the vanguard of their respective areas of focus. While no attorney could ever guarantee a win for his or her clients, Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. carry a record that speaks for itself. The firm is reminding those who have recently suffered slip and fall injuries as a result of other parties' negligence to touch base and discuss options.

When a person suffers from a slip and fall accident on someone else's land, that property owner is responsible, provided the plaintiff can prove that the said proprietor is at fault. "If an injured individual demonstrates that a property owner is to blame for their injury, they are thus responsible for covering associated medical, wage-loss and other expenses," said Laura M. Rizio, the firm's founder. She is encouraging those who own property to make their premises safe and free of hazards, and to take all precautions necessary to avoid causing injuries to others on the premises.

Rizio and her team display expertise in the laws as they pertain to slip and fall injuries, both in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other Mid-Atlantic states. According to Rizio, "there are nuanced rules and regulations in each state in terms of the specifics of slip and fall injuries, so anyone who needs help navigating should give our office a call."

She finally explained that anyone who wants to get in touch will be provided with a complementary consultation, and folks should keep in mind that a majority of slip and fall injury cases are settled before seeing a courtroom. Furthermore, anyone interested in getting in touch with Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. regarding a different matter, such as those in need of a truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia, may call 855-822-6783, or visit the firm's website for more information.

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Since 1978, Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. has been serving the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. As injury lawyers in the Philadelphia area, the attorneys at Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. are always available to speak to their clients and promptly return phone calls if they are away from their desks. The Philadelphia lawyers of Rizio, Hamilton & Kane know that when one is in need of a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, that person desires and deserves the personalized attention that Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C. can provide.

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