Bit64 Solutions LTD.

RJClip Crowdfunding Project Launched


Markham, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2013 -- A family owned business based in Markham, Ontario, Canada by the name of Bit64 Solutions Ltd. has created the RJClip and launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support efforts to bring the item to market. An easy and inexpensive answer to fixing a disabled cable the handy little ingenious product replaces a broken clip on an RJ45 connector found at the end of a network cable. “We all use an RJ45 connector everyday. Normally the connector is wonderful however, they have a rather vulnerable plastic piece that has to be pressed in order to fit the connector into the switch or wall jack securely. That piece can be broken off. When it is, the cable is disabled altogether. But now, it doesn’t have to be because of our RJClip.” said Leonard Lee, Owner of Bit64 Solutions Ltd.

Needless to say, using the RJClip to fix a broken network cable allows consumers to save time and money. “Instead of spending time crimping a new RJ45 connector onto the cable or spending money to buy an entirely new network cable, our customers can simply clip an RJClip onto the broken network head and continue to use the cable.” added Lee. Giving the utmost attention to design and material choice, the RJClip ensures a longer lasting clip to consumers overall. Minimizing waste and ensuring a greener way of life the creators of the RJClip are happy to raise funds to support further market research and create media exposure. Lee said of his company’s invention, “Everyone in our family is involved with bringing the RJClip to the marketplace. It’s a very exciting time for us because this really is a handy product. Especially for corporations with offices big and small that want to ensure productivity isn’t lost on such a small item.”

Currently available in red, white, black, green, yellow and blue the RJClip is made with a state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing system and medical grade nylon 12 material. The product is made in Canada and supporters of the campaign will see shipment of the RJClip soon after the crowdfunding project has ended. Perks include corporate, logo branding for large corporations.

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