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‘RN to BSN Guides’ Offers Aspiring Nurses Helpful Information & Advice on Top Tier Nursing Programs


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2012 -- As the economy continues to struggle, one field of work has been a shining beacon for people looking for a rewarding career: nursing.

Thanks to the aging baby boomer population, combined with the constant need for high quality healthcare, nurses are in demand even more than ever. A lot of people would like to earn an advanced degree to help them achieve their goal of working in the healthcare profession. Jobs in nursing are typically rewarding and, since there is a current shortage, they are virtually recession-proof.

A website has been getting a lot of attention lately for helping prospective nurses as well as those who already work in the field and learn all they can about accelerated BSN programs.

RN to BSN Guides includes a plethora of educational articles, information, and news and reviews of top-tier CCNE accredited nursing programs. The online resource also answers many commonly-asked questions about RN to MSN degree options, including what types of jobs are typically available to graduates, and how earning a degree can have a positive impact on any career path.

“A BSN program is a great way for you to advance your career, and it also is an essential step in pursuing your education even further (earning a Masters in Nursing or attending a Nurse Practitioner Program,” an article on the website said, adding that earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree or RN to MSN will provide students with skills and credentials that employers are looking for in this ever-expanding industry.

“Choosing the BSN program that’s right for you can have a huge impact in your nursing career path. The path that you pick will not only affect your earning potential, but your job opportunities, chances for promotion, and general level of job responsibility as a practicing nurse.”

The website also does an outstanding job of taking the mystery out of the various types of accelerated BSN programs that are available, explaining the difference between the different degrees and how long each will usually take to complete.

For example, Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs usually take four years for students to finish. Many colleges and universities are also offering online courses, which are perfect for people who are already working and need to fit their college classes into an already-busy schedule.

About RN to BSN Guides
RN to BSN Guides provides nurses and prospective students with information, news, and reviews of top tier CCNE accredited nursing programs. The website features a lengthy resource section about BSN programs, and a variety of posts about anything and everything related to the field of nursing. For more information, please visit http://www.rntobsnguides.org/bsn-programs/