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RNA-Seq Qualification Service of CD Genomics Has Been Upgraded


Shirley, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2015 -- Recently, CD Genomics upgraded its qualification RNA-Seq service. The full-scare upgrade contains the platform and the quality of service. This will greatly improve the customer experience.

The new RNA-Seq qualification service contains data statistic, difference analysis and analysis of DEGs. " We choose to renew this service because it's potential on personalized health-care," One of the managers of CD Genomics said, " The medical research in the future tends to meet the personal health-care need of individuals. And our service is to meet the need of researchers. Knowing what will be useful in the future is good for our own career."

To make this service competitive, CD Genomics made its best shot. " If we can not invent new technology, we should find another path. The service is the core competence."

This is reflected in the process of the new service. Customers can have a clear understanding on the workflow. And the whole process of analysis is professional and careful.

Compared to traditional methods, RNA-Seq is more sensitive which can identify the whole genome sequencing of any species. It can read rare transcript and normal transcript at the same time. The application of digitized signal can reduce the noise which makes the result more accurate. The main purpose of RNA-Seq qualification service is differential gene expression analysis and function annotation.

"The next generation sequencing is the basis of this service. However, what makes our service dependable is our professional team." The manager claimed that they are lucky to have such a team which centralizes many talented people. The main part of this optimization is the service. "We are strict with ourselves. We seek to provide the best service to our customers."

About RNA-Seq Qualification service of CD Genomics
The RNA-Qualification service of CD Genomics contains basic data analysis, differentially expressed genes analysis and analysis of DEGs. Based on the the next generation sequencing, this service is provided for researcher who needs help in disease research or medical research. This technology is widely used in many research.