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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2012 -- Deciding on a career is an important step for young adults. There are a myriad of career choices but only a few careers that are well paid, challenging and currently in demand. Those seeking a career with these advantages can now turn to an online resource that has all the information they are looking for. The website allows curious visitors to learn all about a career in registered nursing. This is a thriving field that should be carefully considered by anyone who is looking for a stable and fulfilling career path.

Right now, unemployment rates are among the highest that they have ever been, but jobs for registered nurses are still plentiful. The site indicates, “There is a huge shortfall of the registered nurse in the US. The Board of Labor Statistics says that against a demand of 400,000 Registered Nurses, currently there are only 140,000 qualified nurses. This indicates that there are plenty of opportunities for those looking for a career as a Registered Nurse.” The field of nursing is actually recession proof because people will always need medical care.

Registered nursing is unlike any other field and requires a special set of abilities. “Being a nurse is a noble job and one has to be extremely careful about human feelings and human nature,” proclaims Because nurses usually have a lot of contact with patients, this can be a great career for someone who likes to interact with people. At the same time, it is a very challenging job both physically and mentally.

For those individuals who are considering a career in nursing, this website offers invaluable information such as a breakdown of the possible fields of specialization, an explanation of the education and certification requirements and the duties of a registered nurse. Many of these articles also include videos that help to further explain each step in becoming a nurse. Some videos present first-hand testimonials from real registered nurses, enabling visitors to truly get a sense of what a career in nursing might be like.

The site is written in blog form to encourage maximum interactivity. Visitors can leave comments and enter discussions with each other. They can also simply browse through the various detailed articles in order to fully understand the registered nursing profession. In addition, the website features a helpful list of outside online resources that visitors can consult should they require even more information.

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The Registered Nurse Information blog was created by a registered nurse with seven years of experience. This first-hand knowledge of the nursing occupation allows the founder of the blog to provide expert insight on careers in this field.

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