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RNs Seek Info on Family Nurse Practitioner Programs from Nurse Practitioner Program Guides Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2012 -- As the healthcare shortage continues, many nurses are exploring the possibility of nurse practitioner schools and Family Nurse Practitioner Programs via the Nurse Practitioner Program Guides Website. The portal is a resource guide for nurse practitioner school guides, programs, careers and salaries.

Graduates of Family Nurse Practitioner Programs are registered nurses who have completed a Masters in Nursing. The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) collaborates with a multidisciplinary team to meet the holistic needs of families across the lifespan of its members (pediatrics through geriatrics). FNPs are equipped to work in settings that include primary and specialty care, private practices, government and community health organizations among others. “Fortunately, more nurses are considering this important and growing specialty, and the resource Website helps them design a progressive career blueprint as they explore nurse practitioner schools, programs and career paths,” said the Nurse Practitioner Program Guides Website representative.

There is no difference between a Nurse Practitioner degree and a Master’s in Nursing. Obtaining a Master’s degree includes a wide variety of health care services that go well beyond the traditional registered nurse role. In addition to being qualified to work independent of physicians throughout the healthcare continuum, the role opens up opportunities for greater salaries, major supervisory positions and business ownership.

It takes about eight years to get a nurse practitioner degree including four years for the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and then two to three to four years for a Master’s or Doctorate Degree. The Website explores each of these steps for campus and online degree programs, which may or may not take less time depending on the individual. The resource guide also delves further into the many career paths available to those possessing the degree and its specialized variants.

As per its namesake, the Nurse Practitioner Program Guides are constantly updated with detailed information on the growing list of Nurse Practitioner programs, schools and the degrees they offer. “More and more nurse practitioner degrees and majors are being added every year—both on campus and online,” said the Website representative. Our Resource Website provides a great starting place for nurses to begin plotting the course to advance their careers and serve the healthcare continuum in new and important ways.” For more information, please visit http://www.nursepractitionerprogramguides.org/nurse-practitioner-schools/

About Nurse Practitioner Program Guides
The Nurse Practitioner Program Guides Website is an online resource for nurses wishing to pursue a Nurse Practitioner Degree program. The Website provides detailed information on schools, programs, curriculums and salaries. In addition, the resource guide provides extensive resources detailing the various career paths.