"Road Rebel" Reboots How Video Games Are Made


Sausalito, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- Monstrous Company introduces "Road Rebel," a new pyrotechnic combat car game that lets you blow up your competitors while rocking to a star-studded soundtrack. While you’re at it, how about exploding the very model of how games are made, designed and shared?

Road Rebel's creators are creating the badass vehicles, custom-designed for real rock legends like Rob Zombie, Motörhead, and Pussy Riot, for a real battle of the bands. Then, in a pioneering “crowd-development” effort , Monstrous is turning over the keys, sharing source code and in-house development tools to bring in gamers as designers and decision makers. All while the game is still being made.

"We knew no game publisher in their right mind would go along with crowd development," says Monstrous Company CEO, Jason Asbahr. "So we’ve taken Road Rebel directly to gamers via Kickstarter, where supporters actually become game developers, as they participate in the design and development of the project."

Together, Monstrous and the newly gathered crowd-development “team” will use the company’s Soniverse Engine technology to create a totally new music-driven play experience.

“We want to create an unique, musically immersive cinematic experience,” says Asbahr, "a psychedelic heavy metal rock opera on wheel". “Nearly everything you see in the game is affected by the music you hear -- blur effects, rate of weapons fire, weather, timing of missiles hitting targets, even terrain-warping and time distortion."

About Road Rebel
Road Rebel's Kickstarter rewards keep pace with the revved-up, no-holds-barred theme: Party with the Texas Roller Derby Girls, who are featured in the game. Shoot machine guns in the desert with the Monstrous team. Crush cars with real armored tanks. It's like living in your own game!

Check out Road Rebel's Kickstarter here -- and get behind the wheel.

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