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Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- 2014 is set to witness the next big thing in global technology – self driving cars. With the rising number of accidents, people are more than excited to welcome these self driving cars, which will time space for texting, phone calls and other activities that are so often the cause for motor accidents in the present scenario. However, this will revolutionize the auto accident laws that people are so familiar with today.

These machine operated cars will definitely complicate the existing accident laws. In cases of accidents, the question arises as to who should the victim sue? The car or the individual in the car. Under all logical reasons, the individual in the car cannot be sued and might even be a victim of the accident because he/she did not play any part in operating the car. Individuals can get a more in depth understanding by visiting any Auto Accident Attorney Blog. There are many attorneys who have openly spoken about this much debated dilemma. Most attorneys have agreed that it would be awfully difficult to sue a non-living thing. There are still others who strongly believe that the individuals who have set the controls of the car should be the ones held responsible. This means that all blame shall rest on product defect. To complicate things further, this could not be the case in circumstances where the owner of the car has changed or fixed the control settings. In short, men shall witness a lot of adjustments concerning the auto accident laws once the auto driving cars hit the market and people start using them on the roads.

With the introduction of a never before experienced motor vehicle, not only the will it change the law but also change the road rules like parking system etc. it is important to make sure all legal questions are set in order before it comes into being. For more information please go to

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