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RoadTrippers.com: Awesome New Travel Site Lets Users Burn Rubber Among America's Hidden Gems

From abandoned fairgrounds and monstrous hamburgers to roadside art and even the world’s largest ball of twine – RoadTrippers.com is the new web app that is driving hordes of people into their own independent American adventure.


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2012 -- Having travelled America’s back roads hundreds of times, James and Tatiana Fisher were growing tired of the myriad of trip planning tools that only highlighted global restaurant chains, brand name stores and blatantly obvious tourist attractions.

With no single resource available that would allow them to discover the true hidden gems along their route, they fired up their creative engines and created their own.

The result is RoadTrippers.com, a revolutionary new trip planning website. After selecting departure and arrival locations, the intuitive web-based app automatically designs a route which displays the most quirky and adventurous attractions and experiences along the way.

Everything is presented as a single printable itinerary which, as Co-Founder Tatiana Parent puts it, “Will blow your mind”.

As with any great App, there are a plethora of road-rocking features.

For example, users can browse dozens of categories of curated places and discover the distance from their route. These places can be added to the site’s included bucket lists; instantly available for sharing or recall at a later date. Each location can be then rated and reviewed for the benefit of other users.

Heading out on the highway is easy. Users are able to follow a classic route or design their own with up to twenty eight stops. Everything is unchained and places a priority on discovering the real, independent and spontaneous America.

The web app also shares frankly honest fuel cost estimates by calling on a live database of pump prices.

As Parent explains, the App is, at heart, just a beautifully designed big ol’ map!

“There are no lists, no ads and certainly no wasted space. It’s just a big old map that contains all of the route planning tools people need. We want to encourage quirky and independent travel, with no boundaries” she says.

Continuing, “We’ve not forgotten about fuel for drivers, either. The site’s app is stuffed with some of the best little-known places to eat in America. Discover spots you’ve never heard of and eat at restaurants with menu items like ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’ and ‘Walleye Fingers.’ And, if you can find it on RoadTrippers.com you can book it - hotels, activities, experiences and even deals.”

The team behind the App is constantly adding and improving features based on user feedback. For example, a recent update brings with it the ability to save trips. Allowing users to recall and share itineraries with a single click, RoadTrippers.com is proving to be the easiest way to plan and save a trip online.

“Roadtrippers is two parts planning, one part adventure, and 100% beautifully-designed, user-friendly interface. Buckle up - it’s going to be a fantastic ride,” Parent concludes.

To check out the website and plan the ultimate journey into the heart of America’s best kept secrets, visit: http://www.roadtrippers.com

The site’s progress can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

About RoadTrippers.com
When co-founders James and Tatiana Fisher traveled the back roads of America, they found themselves facing a mountain of fragmented discovery and planning tools.

Frustrated by the predominance of franchise and chains, James and Tatiana set out to create a platform that highlights independently-owned and offbeat places, along with a suite of premium free features. The result is RoadTrippers.com.

Based on a user’s route and interests, Roadtrippers creates an itinerary stuffed with hand-picked spots just for them. Users can create bucket lists of the places they want to visit, explore and discover spots they’ve never heard of and eat in a host of cool restaurants.

Users can print their trip itinerary, save it, sync it and have the trip of a lifetime!