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Robbing Peter Not Paying Paul: Transformative Book Breaks Through Shackles of Trauma, Helping Readers Overcome Childhood Self-Defeating Behaviors

Raw and heartfelt, Catheryn Challeyn’s new book fuses her own story of an abusive and traumatic childhood with a bold message of hope for others struggling to find life’s light. After finally realizing that the self-defeating behaviors she developed as a child were hampering her hope and happiness as an adult, Challeyn set out to break free from them. By reading her book, people from all walks of life can now do the same and pursue the harmony they have always been craving.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Like millions of others, Catheryn Challeyn grew up in a dysfunctional home. With parents who were first cousins and a family culture of mental, physical and sexual abuse – Challeyn ended up in foster care and was left behind by both the system and society. However, now living a renewed life as a strong, free and successful independent woman, Challeyn is on a mission to help others break the chains of trauma.

‘Robbing Peter Not Paying Paul’ is her weapon of choice; a powerful book that melds Challeyn’s gripping and poignant life story with a self-help guide to fixing the biggest problem brought on by a dysfunctional childhood.

“I spent years trying to find out what the innate problem was, and I finally realized that it was the self-defeating behaviors that I had developed as a child,” says Challeyn. “Upon reflection, I began to both recognize and accept how they had set me up for failure; allowing me to make mistakes and give my self-esteem permission to plummet to a point where I felt worthless.”

Continuing, “By breaking free of these behaviors I found I was almost reborn. Yes, the trauma of my past still exists and still shapes everyday life – but my new positive outlook has made life worth living again. I know that this book can help millions. While we’ve all grown up in different households, the pain and its results are very similar. I know my methods can work for you, too.”

Within the book, Challeyn catalogs each specific behavior and doesn’t hold back from tackling sensitive or graphic subjects; part of the author’s bold attempts to make her work as enlightening as possible for others. For example, the book describes in great depth Challeyn and her sisters’ continued abuse while a part of the foster care system and how it strained all of their marriages as adults.

“As adults, we’re always going to be products of our upbringing, whether or not we actually choose to acknowledge it. I know, down to the very core of my being, that this book will help others grab ahold of the life they really want to lead and pursue it with gusto. I wouldn’t have shared this story years ago, but finding my childhood journals gave me the confidence to break my silence and reach out to others. There is hope,” she adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

Presells are available and will be numbered and autographed. You will enjoy your collector’s editions with authors signature.

‘Robbing Peter Not Paying Paul’ is available now: http://www.inkwellproductions.com/robbing-peter-not-paying-paul.html.

About Catheryn Challeyn
“have lived all over the place in the majority of the United States. Lived a few years in Padstow, Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Drove a Commercial truck over the road for four years. I went to school and got a massage therapy degree. I cooked as a chef under Chef John O’Neil at the Scottsdale Resort. I realized I want to absorb everything is great if you are not trying to stuff old memories and tapes while you are staying busy. I have always wanted to write that is my first love. Now I can do that and I am learning to stay positive even when old tapes and messages appear. I can make healthy choices. I choose to move beyond the circumstances and live a happy healthy fulfilling life.”