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Robert Andrew Smoley (Aka B Andrew Smoley) Shares His Views on Telemedicine


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Robert Andrew Smoley (aka B Andrew Smoley), a respected South Florida healthcare entrepreneur discussed telemedicine in great detail, among other topics at a private healthcare event held in Miami, Florida. Robert considers it unthinkable, that at this time and age, people must still forfeit medical care because of physical or political boundaries. Nonetheless, such obstacles continue to exist, alienating some of the most vulnerable patients from medical care that they need to survive dire conditions like diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Speaking to the media, a representative of Mr. Smoley added, "With the advent of telemedicine, more patients who are located in remote areas are finally starting to receive the medical help they need. Even more, telemedicine very well could become the health care resource that reaches beyond the grasp of any physical or political boundary." He further added, "While a small number of telemedicine-based services may be available at no cost, others require a small payment or allow more flexible financial choices that allow people to forgo using their current insurance policies. "

Telemedicine, in its simplest form, can be defined as the use of technology to provide medical care to patients, regardless of their physical location or their insurance coverage. In theory, any patient with access to the Internet or other technology like Skype may contact a doctor or a health care facility and request help for any range of medical conditions. The military has used this technology for decades, utilizing it on submarines, in remote deployment areas, and on naval carrier ships. NASA has used it to treat astronauts. It now is increasingly used in mainstream medicine and behavioral healthcare, allowing more patients than ever to access critical services that they need to stay healthy and overcome diseases. Another advantage that comes with telemedicine is its ability to transcend any political boundary that otherwise would prevent a patient from obtaining care.

Robert Andrew Smoley has extensive experience in the telemedicine field as founder of MDLive, a cloud based service helping users to interact with health care professionals and board licensed therapists via a smart app on their computer or phone. B Andrew Smoley served as Chief Executive Officer of MDLive from 2006 to 2011. Robert has also assisted many companies that combine conventional services with disruptive, cutting edge technologies.

About Robert Andrew Smoley (aka B Andrew Smoley)
Robert Andrew Smoley began his career as an attorney and later started a number of successful companies over the past thirty years. Smoley also worked as a trial lawyer and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1978. In 1985, he was personally sworn in by Chief Justice Earl Warren to become a member of the United States to present cases before the Supreme Court Bar. Robert was also elected the Mayor of North Bay Village, Florida, and became one of the youngest elected mayors in the United States and he served from 1976 to 1982. From 2006 to 2011, he served as CEO of MDLive (an online company that provides access to board-licensed therapists and doctors using cloud technology).

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