Robert Delutri Seeks Kickstarter Funding & Creative Collaborators for a Global 'Launch'

Robert Delutri’s current ‘Research’ seeks to engender a Global Geek 'Art as Research' Creative Collaboration to create a Global, internet based, 'Domains as Art' Work of Art. Hey, how often is both a ‘Perk’ and a ‘Work of Art’?


St. Paul, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Having engaged 10's of thousands of individuals in creating unique SciTech Aesthetic Works of Art (nearly 50,000 individuals on One work alone), this Crowd Funding effort is about taking 30 years of ‘Theoretical Aesthetic Research™’, using an 'Art As Research' Paradigm, to the NEXT level where High Energy ArtParticle™ 'Neural Net Collisions' create Exotic subArtParticle™ 'Decay Track Signatures' with a ‘half-life’ of a fraction of a Social Media Moment, yet where the resulting 'Exotic Particles' yield a wealth of meaningful 'Aesthetic Data'.

However, as a Global Collaborative Geek/Techie Public Art Project, this Kickstarter Project is about both funding Delutri’s ‘Research’ and identifying and enlisting the support, talent and creative energy of early adopter geeks and creative risk takers to make this 'Research' launch into 'Aesthetic Cyber Space', “Where no one has gone before…” possible.

Delutri’s ‘Theoretical Aesthetic Research™’ crowd funding ‘Research’ will also explore and examine "Cultural Gravity Wells" that are predicted by his ‘Theory of Aesthetic Relativity™’ and, to paraphrase ‘Q’ from Star Trek 2nd Generation, perhaps "...change the 'Cultural Gravitational Constant' of the 'Universe'..."as a 'Function' of 'Creating' this Global 'Neural Net' Aesthetic Construct.

This project will only be funded if at least $42,042.00 (42 - The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.) is pledged by Wed, Aug 27 2014 6:17 AM +05:30.

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About Robert Delutri
Delutri is the Artist behind the Minnesota High Technology Association’s Annual Tekne Award and, for more than 30 years, Robert Delutri’s Art has been a 'Function' of an ‘Art as Research' paradigm that both involves and invokes 'Play' with Ideas in subArtParticle™ Physics, Circuit Dreams™, Tech Dreams™, Linear Anomalies™ and non Linear Asynchronous Aesthetic Transform™. His ‘Research’ into SubArtParticle™ Physics seeks to extrapolate Aesthetic Insights from the ‘Mechanics’ of ‘Cultural and Social’ ‘Entanglement’ at the ‘Moment of Neural Synaptic Impact’ and interpretive / emotional Perception.

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