Robert Douglas Ong

Robert Douglas Ong Wears White Hat in SEO

Need SEO is a solutions management company that utilizes search engine marketing and mobile websites to find your customers.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2012 -- Robert Douglas Ong is the founding, managing partner of Need SEO, formerly, Local Mobile Advertising, which is now a division of Need SEO. Robert’s background was in New York City where he spent over 25 years on Wall Street as a bond trader and salesman, then investment banking for the last 10 years there. He worked at notable institutions such as First Boston Corporation, Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, ABN Amro Bank, and Bear, Stearns Corporation. In the bond business, Robert learned the art of capital markets and how companies were brought to market through debt capital and then how that debt consequently was traded in the secondary markets to provide liquidity for bond and fixed income investors. Robert learned the business of arbitrage where trading in multiple financial instruments would enable investors to benefit from anomalies in different markets and pricing correlations. The concept of delta relationships which describes the pricing movement of one security or instrument to that of another and how the pricing correlation tracks each other.

Robert Douglas Ong, also known as Bob Ong, has always provided his institutions with a clear cut thought to help investors understand their markets and how they can maximize their returns. The FINRA records (U4) which is the newly named NASD (National Association for Securities Dealers) tracks all of its people that have ever worked in the securities industry, has an impeccable U4 for Bob Ong. Without a flawless U4, one cannot work in the securities or financial services business. Most recently, Bob was employed with Penn Mutual Life, where he provided insight and leadership for this insurance company in Tampa. Bob continues to utilize his financial service relationships to refer quality business to others as well as provide guidance for those that seek financial capital raising strategies for various businesses and industries.

Currently, Bob Ong helps companies that are seeking to utilize the new form of capital, which is called SEO (search engine optimization), which is a long way of describing the way that businesses are found on the internet. It is an algorithmic methodology that studies the major search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask, and develops appropriate strategies for their clients to employ the most effective and respectful tactics in order to advertise their company on line. Bob’s approach is always to develop these tactics very carefully and respectfully so that the search engines will always view his clients as employing professional and proper in their internet marketing. Patience and authenticity cannot be stressed enough as the industry is growing at leaps and bounds. Clients worldwide applaud Bob Ong and Need SEO for championing the cause for good SEO practices and never “gaming” the SEO system.

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