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Robert E Flynn's the Touch - A Supernatural Story - Part I Is Now Available


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2017 -- Robert E Flynn III has finally published his first novel The Touch – A Supernatural Story. Part 1 of this novel is now available and it is selling fast. After the novelist Robert E Flynn III revealed the details about his debut fiction novel 'The Touch – A Supernatural Story', the demand of the novel drastically increased, and Flynn has successfully sold hundreds of copies of The Touch by now.

"I felt compelled to write this story. It has been with me for a long time, and it really is the story of man's state in the world," Flynn reveals. "Anything is possible, and the truth is determined by a higher power, not mankind."

This thought and imagination provoking story is the first of a three-book series. The Touch explores the mystery of Creation and the supernatural world. The story centers on a young boy, Gabriel, who is an orphan. Gabriel is a special boy, who appears to be autistic only because he hears a voice. But it is revealed that the young boy is not actually autistic because the voice that he hears is real, and it is a supernatural presence. This special supernatural voice gives the young boy power that he can transfer by touch.

The story of The Touch is fast-paced, and it is filled with suspense and valuable lessons. The best thing about The Touch is that this novel is perfect for readers of all ages. The story is jam-packed with youthful, adult, and supernatural characters and each of them bristle with personality.

The Touch takes the reader into a mystical world, where one discovers the power of the Creator. The story is constructed in such a way that it is not only enjoyable for the reader, but it has several thought-provoking messages for people who are seeking enlightenment; apart from that, The Touch – A Supernatural Story – Part I also gives valuable lessons for families today.

About Robert E Flynn III
Robert E Flynn III is a software developer and musician from San Antonio, TX. Flynn has written endless essays and research papers. The Touch: A Supernatural Story is his first novel, but the story has been developing in his mind for two years. The book has a supernatural theme, but it is also a story of the condition of humanity.

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