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Robert Kilby Law Is Currently Offering Free Consultations to Reno Area Truck Accident Victims

Information on lawyer Robert Kilby and free consultations for Reno residents.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- Truck accidents tend to be the most devastating automotive accidents in Reno. Statistically, in the Reno area more than half the passengers of a small vehicle hit by a truck are at risk for serious or life threatening injury. Robert Kilby law is currently offering free consultations to help Reno area residents understand their rights while rebuilding their lives life in the wake of a difficult truck accident. Robert Kilby Law is built on the principles that each case deserves the direct attention of the firm’s chief legal counsel. That means Robert Kilby takes every case personally and treats each client with respect and understanding, particularly in the wake of a traumatic accident or wrongful death. Robert has a detailed understanding of Nevada, Washoe County and Reno liability and vehicle accident law and applies it rigorously to defend the rights of the victims in a truck accident.

Robert Kilby Law offers free consultations to any victims of a truck related accident in the Reno area. Robert Kilby Law will go over all the facts and details in the wake of a truck related accident to determine if there is a potential case or other legal recourses. Robert keeps the victims of a truck accident informed every step of the way through the free consultation and beyond if a legal option is present. If a case is viable, Richard Kilby uses all of this compiled information to represent clients in the courtroom while continuing to work the client to assist in the recovery process. This personalized attention and understanding is a core principle to the Robert Kilby Law legal approach.

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