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Robert Kilby Law Is Now Offering Free Consultation to Personal Injury Victims

Information on personal injury consultations from Robert Kilby law.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Robert Kilby Law is currently offering Reno area personal injury victims free legal consultations. These consultations are used to determine if they have a legal recourse in a personal injury situation. Robert Kilby Law offers these consultations to individuals and families facing an already difficult transition to recovering from a personal injury, particularly one that may not be the fault of the victim. Robert Kilby, of Robert Kilby Law, uses his detailed understanding of Nevada, Reno and Washoe County tort law to offer victims of a personal injury an opportunity to understand what their rights are in an injury situation.

In Nevada, all personal injury law falls into the body of law known as tort law. Nevada tort law is extremely complex and specialized and becomes more specialized in each city and county. A local and specialized personal injury lawyer is advisable in Reno, or anywhere in Nevada. When suffering from a personal injury, particularly one caused by the inaction or negligence of another party, Reno area residents are encouraged to seek consultation with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Robert Kilby offers a personalized and thorough approach to Nevada, and Reno specific, tort law. Robert consults personally with clients to assist in determining their best course of action. If a case is feasible, Robert personally devotes his time and extensive legal knowledge to ensuring the most optimal result for clients. Robert has practices this personal approach to law for all clients and refuses to hand cases off to junior lawyers, interns or paralegals. This approach ensures each client receives the full attention and legal understanding of Robert Kilby Law founder, Robert Kilby.

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