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Information on the comprehensive education law services that Kilby Law offers Reno residents.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- Education law is a varied and complex area of law of Nevada that requires an understanding of both individual school policy and State, county and local jurisdictional law regarding students and educators. Education law can be as simple as understanding a dress code of academic issue or as difficult as a physical or sexual abuse matter. Robert Kilby Law offers a comprehensive approach to education law and a free consultation for parents and students who have questions about their rights and options in dealing with a school, school board or individual educator.

When Reno students are not getting the appropriate experience, education and assistance required to move fluidly to the next stage of education, an education lawyer can usually help. Education law is also commonly utilized when students have faced an unfair expulsion, suspension or even a grade discrepancy based on anything but the quality of the student’s work. It is important to make sure all of a child’s rights are respected and considered before an expulsion or similar punishment. A Reno education lawyer like Robert can ensure that the school is adhering to all policies and examining all of the relevant facts before moving forward with an action that could permanently damage a student’s academic records.

In the case of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, an education lawyer will ensure that the family is offenders are facing the most stringent legal repercussions. Robert Kilby Law ensures families not only receive any compensation due in the wake of this type of terrible crime, but that the family is kept appraised and up to date on every aspect of the case. Robert Kilby law offers this personal approach to every education law and never hands off cases to paralegals or less experienced attorneys.

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