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Roblin's New Movie Examines Anxiety-Driven Psychological Disorders


Lowell, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Lowell, MI - Robert Roblin feels that his new motion picture, In This Place, is important not just from an artistic standpoint – but from a humanistic angle as well.

In This Place, Roblin’s second full-length indie feature film, examines the trials and tribulations of a woman experiencing some very difficult mental health issues. Samantha, the lead character, is a woman in her early 20s who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

“The film is significant in that it creates awareness about anxiety-driven psychological disorders and how people experience destructive behaviors,” said Roblin, who lives in Lowell, Mich., a Grand Rapids suburb, and will focus on utilizing local talent and film locations.

“In this case, you’re experiencing Samantha’s problems through her own first-person narrative and it’s a powerful presentation. This is a psychological, dramatic, romantic story. The movie observes how she deals with her life and her stress. Samantha lives in constant fear, torment and sadness.”

After years of unrelenting pain, Samantha ventures out one night and runs into something terrifying and unexpected. “What happens next shatters her routine and she begins to step into a new life, which is unnerving and exciting,” Roblin said.

The script is finished and some of the scenes are shot, but an additional $10,000 is needed for cameras, equipment, sound production, music composition, travel expenses, set design and wardrobe. In order to generate this capital, Roblin has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

A movie trailer is available at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a pledge of $25, backers can get their names in the film credits. Larger contributions are rewarded with tickets to the film’s opening, DVDs and posters. For a $500 donation, you can receive all of the above and become an extra in the film.

“I think people will find this motion picture to be engaging and entertaining, but also informative,” Roblin said. “We’re looking at psychological and behavioral issues from a unique perspective. It’s a really fascinating story.”

For additional information, visit or the movie’s Facebook page,

Roblin can be reached directly at

About Robert Roblin
Robert Roblin is an independent film-maker in MIchigan and he feels compelled to share the message via the movie In This Place. The movie will be Michigan area, highlighting local talent and locations.

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