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Website Offers Reviews of Robocall Providers and Extensive Information on Laws Pertaining to Practice


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2011 -- At one time or another, most people have received a robocall—an automated voice message that is sent to a select list of phone numbers.

While many people associate robocalls with political calls—they are especially common right before major elections, when the candidates are trying to reach out to as many potential voters as possible—the recorded messages are actually used for much more than political robocalls.

A wide range of businesses and groups utilize robocalls to get messages out quickly and efficiently, including school districts, sport leagues, coaches, churches, summer camps, and emergency broadcast networks.

Robo-Calls.net, a website which was recently launched to help consumers understand more about robocalls, features reviews on the various and numerous providers who sell robocall services, as well as in-depth information about the laws surrounding the practice.

“Our goal here at Robo-Calls.net is to help guide you through the waters of proper robocall usage,” said company spokesperson Matthew Johnson.

“It's easier than you might think to start getting into using robocalls and we're here to show you how.”

All that is needed for an individual or company to send a robocall, Johnson explained, is some basic computer equipment and a need to reach a lot of people at once with the same information.

“What once were only able to be sent by large companies who can afford the equipment, are now able to be utilized by anyone with an internet connection,” he said.

“The new web-based robocall providers are so powerful and inexpensive, anyone with a few dollars can get start sending hundreds of calls out.”

For individuals or business owners who are interested in using a robocall service, knowing the laws regarding robo calls can be confusing; for example, in some states the practice is legal while in other areas of the country it is not.

Before purchasing a robocall service, Johnson advised that potential customers visit the website to read up on the laws in their state.

“Robo Calls are used throughout the country by thousands of Americans but what most people don't take into consideration are the laws set in place regarding automated calling,” he explained.

“While most states are rather lenient on robocalling, there are some states in which the service is illegal.”

For more information about Robo-Calls, visit http://robo-calls.net.